Basement Lowering

Looking to expand your living space?

Basement lowering is a process that involves excavating and raising the height of a basement within a home. The goal is to create more headroom and increase the usable living space below ground level.

Whether you’re looking to generate rental income, like the spacious feeling or higher ceilings, or want to increase your home’s value, basement lowering can be a practical and effective solution. Our team of experts can help you make the most out of your living space safely and effectively. Contact us to get a quote on expanding your basement space.

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There are many benefits to lowering your basement:

Additional Living Space
Lowering your basement can increase the amount of usable space to create separate living areas, whether it’s for a family member or to generate rental income. By adding more livable space, you create new possibilities for using your home.

Improved Accessibility
Adding more height to your basement increases accessibility and allows for freedom of movement. When your basement height is too low, it restricts what the space can be used for and limits accessibility for you and your family.

Increased Property Value
Creating a more usable and visually appealing basement will increase the value of your property. Lowering your basement helps to maximize the potential of your home and can be a way to increase your price when it comes time to sell.

Why Choose ProCore for Basement Lowering in Ottawa?


Our team of experts can accurately map out the best possible basement lowering configuration to create the most additional space for your home.

Local Knowledge

Our years of expertise in Ottawa and Gatineau ensure that our work is always done in accordance with the unique geological and environmental conditions.

Quality Workmanship

We are committed to providing quality workmanship without cutting corners to ensure the best possible outcome and results that last.

Corey and his team waterproofed our basement and installed new weeping tile. We were very impressed by their knowledge and work ethic. They were also very nice and Corey always took the time to explain everything to us and included us in the planning of the project.

– Jennifer K. on Google Reviews

Cory’s team did an amazing job in my basement that was wet and damp. His professional team fixed the problem completely and even in the wettest season there are no more water issues.

– Roslyn B. on Google Reviews

Basement Lowering FAQs

Why would I need basement lowering?

There are many reasons homeowners opt for basement lowering including increasing living space, improving head clearance, addressing water leakage issues, and enhancing the overall value of their property.

What methods can be used for basement lowering?

Basement lowering involves excavating the basement floor to increase the ceiling height, often combined with underpinning the foundation walls to ensure structural stability. This process makes the basement more livable and can significantly add to the usable square footage of a home.

How much does basement lowering cost?

The cost of basement lowering varies widely depending on factors such as the size of the basement, the depth of the excavation needed, and the method used. Contact us to get a custom quote on basement lowering for your unique home.

How long does the basement lowering process take?

The duration of a basement lowering project can vary from a few weeks to several months, depending on the project’s complexity, the method used, and whether there are any unique site challenges during construction.

What are the long term benefits of basement lowering?

Long-term benefits include increased property value, additional living space, potential for rental income, improved foundation stability, and enhanced energy efficiency and comfort in the basement area due to better insulation and waterproofing.

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