Crawl Space Encapsulation

Seal the area beneath your home

Crawl space encapsulation involves comprehensively sealing the area beneath a home or building. This process includes installing a waterproof barrier on the crawl space floor, adding vents or air handlers to manage humidity levels, and insulating walls to minimize heat loss. The primary goal of crawl space encapsulation is to create a more stable and energy-efficient environment within the home, enhancing overall comfort and protecting the structure from potential damage.

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

The benefits of our crawl space encapsulation services include:

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality
Encapsulation helps reduce mold, mildew, and other allergens that can seep into your living areas by sealing off the crawl space and avoiding moisture buildup. This process leads to cleaner, healthier air for you to breathe.

Improved Energy Efficiency
Encapsulation helps insulate your home, reducing the energy needed to heat and cool your living space. This can lead to potential savings on your energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Protection Against Pests
A sealed crawl space is a barrier to pests such as rodents and insects. By eliminating the damp, dark environment that these pests thrive in, encapsulation helps keep your home pest-free.

Increased Home Comfort
Crawl space encapsulation creates a more comfortable living environment by controlling humidity and temperature fluctuations. Avoid cold floors in the winter or musty odors in the summer, and enjoy a pleasant, stable indoor climate year-round.

Why Choose ProCore for Your Crawl Space Encapsulation?


Our team of experts are highly trained in basement waterproofing and are certified in the most effective technology and methods.

Local Knowledge

We intimately understand the unique climate and precipitation patterns in the Ottawa and Gatineau area, giving us insight into the protection needed.

Quality Workmanship

We use only top-quality materials and tools for a job done right, ensuring your basement waterproofing stands the test of time.

Corey and his team waterproofed our basement and installed new weeping tile. We were very impressed by their knowledge and work ethic. They were also very nice and Corey always took the time to explain everything to us and included us in the planning of the project.

– Jennifer K.

Cory’s team did an amazing job in my basement that was wet and damp. His professional team fixed the problem completely and even in the wettest season there are no more water issues.

– Roslyn B. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation FAQs

Will encapsulating my crawl space save on energy bills?

Yes, encapsulation improves your home’s insulation, reducing the energy required for heating and cooling. This can lead to savings on your energy bills.

How long does the crawl space encapsulation process take?

The duration of the encapsulation process can vary depending on the size and condition of your crawl space. Still, it typically takes a few days to complete the inspection, cleaning, sealing, insulation, humidity control, and final inspection to check that the encapsulation is complete and effective.

Is crawl space encapsulation a good investment for my home?

Absolutely. Encapsulation improves your home’s energy efficiency and air quality and enhances its overall comfort and value, making it a worthwhile investment.

What maintenance is required after encapsulation?

After encapsulation, minimal maintenance is needed. Regularly checking for damage to the vapor barrier and ensuring that the dehumidifier (if installed) is functioning correctly will help maintain the benefits of encapsulation.

Can encapsulation help with basement moisture issues?

While encapsulation is specifically for crawl spaces, it can indirectly help reduce basement moisture levels by controlling the property’s overall humidity and air quality, creating a drier and healthier environment throughout.

Protect your home from moisture with crawl space encapsulation.

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