Interior Repair Systems

Your home’s reparation starts from the inside

Repairing a foundation from the inside, as opposed to the outside, is often a strategic decision based on practical considerations. Interior repairs are preferred for their cost-effectiveness, minimal disruption to landscaping, and quicker completion times.

When you notice cracks in your walls or floors, stabilization needs, or waterproofing concerns, it’s crucial to address these issues promptly to avoid further damage. Interior repairs provide solutions to safeguard and fortify the foundation from within, ensuring the long-term stability and integrity of the structure. Our interior foundation repair specialists are passionate experts who will thoroughly assess your home and recommend the most effective solutions available.

Reliable interior repair systems

Our reliable interior repair systems include:

Interior Water Control Systems
Interior water control systems are essential for managing water intrusion and preventing basement flooding. These systems typically include drainage channels installed along the perimeter of the basement floor, directing water to a sump pump system that expels it from the home. By managing water from within, our interior water control systems help maintain a dry and safe basement environment, protecting your property from water damage.

Sump Pit Installation
Our sump pits and pumps are critical components of an effective interior waterproofing system. The sump pit collects excess water from the drainage system while the sump pump removes it from your home. This process helps prevent water accumulation and subsequent damage. Our professional sump pit installation ensures that your basement remains dry, mitigating the risks of water damage and mold growth.

Wall Reinforcement
Over time, foundation walls can develop cracks and bowing due to soil pressure and other environmental factors. Interior wall reinforcement is a solution for maintaining the structural integrity of your foundation. Using methods such as carbon fiber straps or steel beams, we reinforce the walls from the inside, preventing further movement and damage. This approach not only stabilizes your foundation but also extends its lifespan.

Why Choose ProCore Foundation Repair?


Our team of experts are highly trained in basement waterproofing and are certified in the most effective technology and methods.

Local Knowledge

We intimately understand the unique climate in the Kingston, Ottawa and Gatineau area, giving us insight into the protection needed.

Quality Workmanship

We use only top-quality materials and tools for a job done right, ensuring your basement waterproofing stands the test of time.

Corey and his team waterproofed our basement and installed new weeping tile. We were very impressed by their knowledge and work ethic. They were also very nice and Corey always took the time to explain everything to us and included us in the planning of the project.

– Jennifer K.

Cory’s team did an amazing job in my basement that was wet and damp. His professional team fixed the problem completely and even in the wettest season there are no more water issues.

– Roslyn B. 

Interior Repair Systems FAQs

What are the benefits of interior foundation repair?

Interior foundation repair offers several benefits, including cost-effectiveness, minimal disruption to landscaping, and quicker completion times. It allows for practical solutions to be implemented from within, ensuring the stability and integrity of the structure.

How do interior water control systems work?

Interior water control systems manage water intrusion by directing it to a sump pump system. Drainage channels installed along the basement floor perimeter collect excess water, which is then expelled from the home, keeping your basement dry and safe.

What is involved in sump pit installation?

Sump pit installation involves placing a pit in your basement floor to collect water from the drainage system. A sump pump is then installed to remove the collected water from your home, preventing water accumulation and damage.

Why is wall reinforcement necessary?

Wall reinforcement is necessary to address cracks and bowing caused by soil pressure and other environmental factors. Reinforcing walls from the inside with carbon fiber straps or steel beams prevents further movement and damage, ensuring the structural integrity of your foundation.

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